Top 5 Best iOS 11 Apps to Try Out in 2017

Apple’s new iOS 11 update has packed in many new features. We can find more inbuilt features only on the iOS platform when compared with Android. This would be the probable reason of why many businessmen prefer iOS over Android. The convenience of great user-friendly apps is the major plus point for the iOS platform.

In this article let us have a quick glance at top 5 best apps that every iOS user should try in iOS 11 update.

Sweat Deck:

iOS 11

Looking out for a fitness trainer?  Apple made it easy for all the iOS users. Without spending much on the trainer, just install this Sweat Deck app on your mobile. This is a health app that is designed to help you stay healthy and fit.

With the Sweat Deck built-in feature, you can get an array of most common exercises. The user also has an access to customize exercise according to their needs. Apart from this, there is an option to set time for workouts.  Try this app to get the guidance for your everyday workouts.

PCalc Lite:

iOS 11

Fed up doing extensive calculations?  Here is a solution from Apple designed for every user who is looking for high-range calculator holding impressive features.

The app comes in with RPN mode, paper tape, unit conversions, scientific notation and supports hexa, Octa and binary calculations. It also holds calculator themes to choose from. Try installing the app to get the best from it.

Google Maps:

iOS 11

This is a bit different from regular gMaps applications. The new features in Apple maps will definitely make it a better choice than present Google Maps. The indoor mapping, lane guidance, speed limit, and Light guidance are few key features of the latest iOS 11 Maps.

In addition to this, the flyover feature allows you to explore the cities virtually by tilting the device. This new flyover mode gives us the immersive experience ever. The updates make the app an extraordinary tool that is worth to install.


iOS 11

This is one of the awesome reality apps available in 2017. With iOS 11, you always have an option to plan your dream house on your phone. The app works with the augmented reality feature and device camera to accomplish this task.

To design the room with your dream furniture, just scan the entire room and use the Housecraft database to include the items. There is even an option to adjust the furniture size according to the space available. Download the app and experience the joy and satisfaction of designing your dream house.


iOS 11

Facing difficulty in remembering passwords of multiple accounts? Apple always has a solution for every problem. The solution is “1Password”. This is a password managing feature that lets you save passwords for all accounts.

Just by remembering a single password for this app, you can gain access to all passwords. Follow the on-screen instructions to add and configure the account accordingly. Managing your credentials is made easy with “1Password”. Install it now to manage your passwords and stay relaxed.

Oh! This is definitely not the end of best of apps available in iOS 11. However, we made it easier for you to identify the most common used iOS 11 apps. This list will be quite helpful especially in this busy world.

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