Top 5 Best iOS 11 Games on the App Store For 2018

The iOS App store is stacked up with the exceptional high-quality games. The availability of countless games over the store will confuse you to identify the best. Luckily, we have picked our choice of 5 Best iOS 11 games in UAE for 2018.


From Adventure to Puzzles and shooters, there is much more in the App store to try out. So, if you have an iOS device then download it now and experience the best.


Frost is a new iPhone puzzle game that just perfectly suits your device. It is more than awesome to play games with pleasing visuals, beautiful look and serene sounds. The main goal of the frost game is quite simple. There include swarms of a specific colour and your job is to guide the like-coloured swarms.

The initial levels seem to be pleasing as they just follow your finger. A simple swipe on the screen creates a path. But as the level steps, complexity increases. The game is gradually updating every day with new concepts.


The best thing with the frost is as the new concept emerges, it doesn’t explicitly explain you the concept. Instead, it forces you to experiment with it and thereby you can learn how it works. There is a joy in learning it yourself. However, the negative or in fact the frustrating aspect is the inability to skip tough levels. You should definitely try out this simple yet amazing and interesting puzzle game.


Syllable is the best way to educate your child about the reading and spelling capabilities. This is specifically designed for the younger children. With nearly 1000 words, it is sure that Syllable provides the best environment to learn a fundamental skill without missing the fun.


The main purpose of the Syllable is to encourage learning skills and develop phonological awareness. This is most important while breaking down the complex words into small readable chunks. It includes high-quality images along with attractive animations that let the student concentrate on gaming. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and engage your child to have fun in an interactive environment.

Campfire Cooking

The Campfire cooking app describes itself as ‘relaxing moments in nature’. This is a captivating puzzle game that lets you prepare meals over a campfire. So start exploring the joy of cooking and try to solve some challenging campfire puzzles.


This is a highly enjoyable yet expansive puzzle game from Layton Hawkes that promises brain-teasing action in a quite sizzling style. The graphics include do bring life to the game. Camp-fire Cooking is a must-have puzzle game that everyone needs to try their hands on.

Stranger Things

The Game is Back! You will be back in the 80s with this action-packed adventure. Explore Hawkins or see your favourite locations or just unfold the exciting locations that you have never seen before. Stranger things have everything you need to take your journey back to 80s.


With those attractive graphics and smooth UI, it is sure to have an amazing experience. The soundtrack and sound effects included making you feel as if you are directly watching some sort of show.

The complete game is of 10 hours duration and each character has its own role to play in solving the puzzle. So collect all those Eggos and Gnomes, as we never know which one might help to unlock.

FlatPack AR

If you are looking out for a game with a 2D and 3D platform mix then FlatPack AR will be the best option. However, you can even play the game without AR mode as well.


One of the best parts of the game is its unique conventional platform. Having a gaming experience with augmented reality is quite exciting and impressive. The AR feature projects the flat game into 3D objects. This augmented reality game is now open in iOS 11. So download the game now and experience the world of AR with FlatPack AR.

If you are a serious gamer and are looking out for the best gaming options then you should definitely try out these Best iOS 11 games in Dubai, UAE.

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