Top 5 Best Portable Charges of 2018

No more worries about battery life. It is painful to find your smartphone draining out especially when there is no power outlet nearby. Having a portable charger is always helpful especially while you travel a lot. This is the best way to charge your smartphone on the go. Since it is of utmost importance, you should select the best portable charger that can get the value to your money.


With the availability of tons of options, it is a bit overwhelming to choose the best one. Some portable chargers include fast charging, LED flashlights, and built-in cables. Here we have curated our choice of Top 5 Best Portable chargers in UAE. So, let us start to explore the best of the best.

  1. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

Apart from smartphones, this portable charger is capable enough to charge a MacBook or a Nintendo Switch. It can charge all the devices with a 30W USB-C output. The USB-C PD(Power Delivery) features a single-wire protocol that can deliver power upto 100W. The charger can charge 3 devices at once within a short interval. So, there is a scope of Laptops and tablets getting charged equally as smartphones.


Despite heavyweight, this is still considered as an excellent portable charger as it can top up anything with its USB-port. Furthermore, it is quite quick enough to recharge and the PD adapter will keep you going on. This is the great portable charger that is worth to pay for and even comes at an affordable price.

2. RAVPower Portable charger

The best choice for the travelers. RAVPower features two USB ports and a USB Type-C port that can generate voltage up to 3A. It supports various models and can charge the smartphones for 4 to 5 hours. The mobile can be charged either through the Quick Charge 3.0 or through USB Type C port. The portable external charger holds the capacity up to 20,100 mAh.


As of its look and feel, the RAVPower portable charger is compact, weighs less and is compatible with Android and iPhones. The blue LED light on the charger shows the power of the battery. In case you are charging with USB-C output channel, then don’t forget to turn on the portable charger with the power button.

3. Aukey Solar Charger 16,000 mAh

The high capacity 16,000 mAh and the unlimited sun power supply can fuel your device at an ease. The Quick charge 3.0 support can charge all the compatible device four times faster than the conventional support. The Solar charger can be recharged either through a solar panel or through the Type-C/Micro USB charging input.


It features a dual USB output ports that can charge two devices at the same time. Both the charging ports can deliver 2.4 Amps. There includes 4 LED dots that specify the remaining capacity rolling over in the charger. With the new device turning over to USB-C ports and the availability of quick charge capability makes it an ideal choice.

4. Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack

This is one of the powerful options for the Samsung Galaxy owners. The Fast charge battery pack can quick charge the battery from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. The 10,200 mAh battery capacity is more than enough to juice up your Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or the tablet.


It is extremely lightweight and is the best travel companion. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 supports enables to have a high speed charging compatibility. The Samsung Fast Charge battery pack also features a pass-through charging allows charging the pack and the connected device simultaneously from the same source.

5. LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro

Though ships in with maximum thickness when compared to its competitors, it provides 3,000 mAh battery capacity at 3Amps. Of all the ultra slim portable chargers, Lithium card Pro offers the longest battery life. In the intensive tests performed, this portable charger was able to deliver over 240 minutes of power. This is the best charger that sports fantastic battery life with powerful performance and outstanding features.

bThe exclusive HyperPort feature ensures to charge another device that is equipped with a USB port. The HyperFET Gen2 Circuitry allows you to charge the device over 1 percent per minute. There includes a flash of lighting that changes its color according to the charging level. It can charge your iPhone at an incredible super fast rate thus leaving you to stress-free.

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