Top 5 Best Website To Learn Photoshop For Free

It has become a custom to edit their pictures before uploading it on the social sites. Almost everybody does it to make their picture look good and attractive. Nowadays there are various apps which offer many filters and editing tools to improve the picture.

Adobe Photoshop is one such editor which is quite popular among the masses. Photoshop is one of the reference names in the segment of image editing software.

However, Photoshop is quite difficult to work with especially when you are a beginner. So today we have brought you a list of websites which will teach you Photoshop and make you an expert-

1. Lynda

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Lynda is an online education portal which offers many courses in software, creative and business skills. You will get thousands of results in over 450 unique tutorials which you can learn as per your convenience. Lynda is an excellent option for learning photoshop for free.



2. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus teaches Photoshop in total depth and is user-friendly. This website has a subsection which contains more than 2500 free photoshop tutorials.



3. Photoshop Tutorials from Adobe

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Now, this website is straight from the creators so no can be better than them. The tutorials provided from this site will let you explore more in Photoshop. You can learn and refine your photo editing skills.



4. Photoshop Café

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Photoshop Café teaches you in a very lucid way so that you can grasp it easily. You will find the tutorials to be short and direct. If you are a beginner then you should start with Photoshop Café.



5. Spoon Graphics

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Spoon Graphics prefers quality over quantity. This site is rarely updated but all of its tutorials are unique and full featured. The site also offers free brushes, textures, photo effects and much more.

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