Top 5 upcoming smartphones will release in the end of 2018

The top 5 smartphones which are about to release at the end of 2018 are discussed in this article. 2018 is already spicing things up with the latest technology and smart designs of smartphones. This year the triple camera Huawei P20 Pro was released. The very next new innovative smartphone design witnessed with two different Chinese brands, the Oppo Find X with the mechanical sliding camera set up and Vivo NEX with the pop-up selfie camera. The year 2018 is the trendsetter in the style and innovation of smartphones.


The next upcoming August release is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has already created fumes in the market by the rumor of it being the last smartphone of its series. With these rumors and updates, the list goes on and the upcoming smartphones of 2018 which are about to release in at the end of the year are expected to deliver extraordinarily.

1) iPhone XI

The much anticipated iPhone XI release date is expected in September 2018. There are many rumors circulating regarding the specs and features of the smartphone.  It is confirmed by the Qualcomm that Apple might use the Intel modem chips.  It is also expected that the iPhone might release in two sizes. iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus.  Face ID and Animojis are also the part of the new iPhone XI. It is also expected that the screen would be with the OLED panel, not LCD. It is also expected that iPhone XI might release in a new color. iPhone XI price in UAE is not confirmed yet.


2) iPhone SE 2018

The next smartphone which is highly anticipated is the iPhone SE 2018. iPhone SE 2018 would be released with iPhone XI in September 2018. It is a budget smartphone series from Apple. It is expected that this time it might release with some high-end iPhone features. The smartphone is expected to release with the headphone jack and LCD screen.  It is also believed that the iPhone SE 2018 might be featured with the Face ID as well. iPhone SE 2018 price in UAE is not confirmed yet.


3) Google Pixel 3

Google is in the news from very long as it is not just making smartphones but bringing up some new technology for the overall smartphone industry. Google is rumored to release Google Fuchsia which is a new operating system to end Android. Moving on to the Google Pixel 3 launch date is expected to be in October 2018. It is expected to bring some wireless charging feature with it. The design revealed that it might also feature the notch. Google will release its 2 versions Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL. The price of Google Pixel 3 in UAE is not confirmed yet.


4) LG V40

When every other brand is in the race bringing some amazing features how come LG sit back and only watch it. LG is about to release the flagship LG V40 this year in the October 2018. LG did the homework and now LG is not coming slow. This smartphone is rumored with the 5 cameras. The front with the dual camera set up and the back with triple lens camera set up. If the news is true this might be the first smartphone with the 5 cameras.  The LG V40 price in UAE is not confirmed yet.


5) Samsung Galaxy S10

The much of hype and anticipation is created with this smartphone which is expected to reveal at the end of this year 2018 and might be the first week of January 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to release with the triple rear camera set up. The more advanced feature is the in-display fingerprint scanner. Not only that it is rumored to be featured with the in-display sound earpiece which will allow the S10 to be bezel-free and notch less and there would be the full infinity display without any interruption. Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Dubai, UAE is not confirmed yet.




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