Top 5 Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

Looking to move on with the trend! Wearing smartwatches makes you feel and look trendy and even gives you the functionality of an Android phone. Almost all the tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, ASUS, HTC and others release many smartwatches into the market. In 2017, we have seen some great smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3, Moto 360, Apple Watch and more. Now all these manufacturers are looking forward to introduce new smartwatches this year.


Though not all of them, in this article we have listed out top 5 best upcoming smartwatches in UAE which you must try your hands on after its release. Considering its features, and design we are sure that you will not deny the fact that Smartwatches will be the most anticipated gadgets in the upcoming future.

1. Samsung Gear S4

In 2018, Samsung is likely to announce the Samsung Gear S4 which is ought to be a successor of Samsung Gear S3. The South Korean giant offered some good wearables in 2017. This lead to have higher expectations of the upcoming Samsung smartwatch. As for the design, the Gear S4 in Dubai will carry the same old design which is built of some premium materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and Gorilla glass protection.


It is likely to have a rotating bezel thus making it a trendsetting option. There is still an uncertainty as to whether Samsung will include OLED displays to its wearables or not. Rumors further claim that the Samsung Gear S4 in UAE will pack in a new chipset which would be powerful than Exynos 7270 SoC. There is a chance that the upcoming smartwatch may have a larger battery than 380mAh battery. Following the release pattern, the Samsung Gear S4 release would be in this year IFA trade show.

2. Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch Series 3 was released just a few months back and Apple fans are already looking out for the new smartwatch. There are several rumors that the tech giant is planning to release the Apple Watch 4 Dubai with an all-new design. Since Apple is following the same design since three generations, now the company is focusing on to give a new design to its upcoming Apple smartwatch. Moreover, the previous generation smartwatches had huge improvements in battery life.


The Apple watch Series 2 and Series 3 now offer around 18 hours of battery life. As for the internals, the Apple Watch 4 may carry the same processor as in its predecessor with a smoother watchOS. The hardware may get few enhancements and likely to include features to monitor sleeping patterns, steps count, heart rate and more. Moreover, it is to be water resistant too. The tech giant may even reduce the extra screen bezels as in iPhone X.

3. HTC Halfbeak

Until now, HTC is known for giving out best mid-range flagship smartphones into the market. This year, HTC is planning to introduce the new HTC Halfbeak smartwatch which will be an Android Wear. From the leaked images, we can see that the next smartwatch will have a round shape with OLED screen featuring 360 X 360-pixel resolution. The watch of the glass is given a gorilla glass protection.


On the rear panel, there includes an HTC branding and a sensor that can detect the heart rate. It is still not clear of what the HTC Halfbeak will have in its internals. However, it is clear that the HTC is planning to introduce the best smartwatch which is innovative and impressive.

4. Google Smartwatch

The search giant is all set to debut two new smartwatches in 2018. Google is about to launch Google Anglefish and Google Swordfish smartwatches. The launch date of both the Google smartwatches is unknown, few sources reveal its launch sometime this year. According to some trusted sources, the Google Anglefish is likely to ship in two sizes namely 42mm and 46mm.


The upcoming Google smartwatch will have better connectivity options and a heart rate monitor. It will run on Android 2.0 OS. On the other end, the Google Swordfish may have tiny bezels with a single operating button. Both the watches will have an integrated active google assistant that can control the smartwatch with voice. The Angelfish may carry higher price tag than the Swordfish.

5. Microsoft Surface Smartwatch

Microsoft is well-known for developing best software. At the same time, it is working on the surface devices which are doing great in the industry. Now the only department that Microsoft is lagging behind is in the smartphone sector. The rumors hint that the Microsoft is yet to announce the first smartwatch in 2018. It is likely to launch the smartwatch alongside the surface smartphone.


Few trusted sources claim that the prototype of the smartwatch is ready and is in the testing phase. Once it is successful, it might be available officially in the market. The watch may have a square shape with Oxynitride Aluminum body. We need to wait and watch how the Microsoft will handle the tough competition from top giants like Apple and Samsung.

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