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A camera is such a tool that may appear to be only a machine but it holds the power of capturing moments that can leave a big impact on your mind, triggering memories every time you see a picture from the past. Moreover, it is a tool that also helps in experiencing a moment by just viewing a picture, whether you were physically present in that moment or not.

Gone are the times when cameras could only be afforded by the elite class.  It has become more accessible and affordable over time. In fact, majority of the world just simply make use of a phone camera, if they don’t possess a professional camera. However, there are so many categories in digital cameras these days, that vary in price, type of use, and results, that one has many options to choose from, depending on the need.

Here is a list of the five types of digital cameras along with the best camera in each category, to look out for in the year 2017. Happy clicking!


Digital Single Lens Reflex, abbreviated as a DSLR, is the type of camera that is highly used for professional purpose. Some of them even let the photographer view the image via the camera's viewing window directly. On pushing the trigger button, the mirror flips, and uncovers the sensor, exposing it to light and letting it capture the image as seen through the lens. Having the largest sensors, a DSLR gives out the best image quality in terms of sharpness, colours, and light condition. So you can blow up the image without worrying about its quality.

Nikon D3400


With a 24.2 MP sensor, the D3400 has the ability to not only capture pictures but also shoot videos at 1080p/60fps. Equipped with advanced features, this camera is ideal for beginners as well as professionals, as its multiple in-built tools allows the photographer to learn all about manual features, and experiment with them. Moreover, to ease your experience, the SnapBridge feature allows you to transfer files directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.




This type of camera is considered a good option for travel purposes. The reason is its ability to let you change lenses with ease, and it’s perfectly sized to not burden you during your travel. The result, however, is almost the same as a DSLR, but due to the difference in the size of the lens, the quality differs. Moreover, its capturing technique also differs from a DSLR which is why it is known as the Mirrorless Camera.

Sony Alpha A6000


With a superfast autofocus, the Sony Alpha A6000 offers a shooting speed up to 11fps, which is good enough to match the speed of a DSLR while keeping the quality of the image in top-notch condition. It is a perfect travel partner as it has various ISO levels that lets you capture great images even in low light conditions, combined with 1080p video recording at 60 and 24 fps. This combo is further complemented with an electronic viewfinder, along with a lucid LCD screen.



On the down side, Bridge Cameras don’t offer interchangeable lens, while on the bright side, a Bridge Camera offers more features than a Point-and-Shoot camera. This camera is a good option for sports and nature photography, as the price is affordable and the quality is good enough to let you capture great shots. There are many cameras that fall under this category, however, the best one for 2017 remains to be the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS45.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS45


With an ISO range from 100 to 6400, and 24-480 zoom lens, you will never miss capturing a moment no matter how far you are from it. It has the amazing ability to capture detailed pictures with its 20x Optical Zoom. The quality of the image is high, and the size and weight of the camera are ideal to let you carry it in your pocket or your bag. So people who like to roam around carefree, and want to avoid carrying big cameras with them, can take advantage of the portability of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS45 for a reasonable price.



If you are the type of person who is interested in only capturing moments and aren’t really bothered by the features and settings of the camera, then this type of camera is an economical choice for you. Commonly known as the Point-and-Shoot camera, these cameras can be availed normally within $50! However, the price can also exceed up to the level of a DSLR, depending on the company, while being more useful than a Bridge camera! The features are limited as compared to a Bridge camera, and Mirrorless cameras, but it makes up for it all as it’s a great camera to carry around with ease!

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II


Equipped with a 20.2 MegaPixel sensor, this one is one of the best cameras around under the Point-and-Shoot category. One can enjoy sharp, clear, high-quality images, along with a refreshing new camera design. The upside is its design quality, and great video recording capability, while the downside is the limitations in some of the features.



As the name suggests, this type of camera is waterproof and lets you record underwater, without having to worry about destroying its mechanism. Apart from underwater shooting, these types of cameras are also ideal to be carried around on outdoor adventures. Its strong body keeps the mechanism of the camera well-protected under the shell.

Olympus Tough TG-4


You can take it deep under water, up to 50’, and it will still not be bothered by the water! That is the power of this camera. The f2.0 aperture allows you to take it deep under water where it may be rather dark, but images will still come out bright with maximum light exposure. And out of the water, this camera becomes an ideal one to be carried on rough adventures. It can protect itself against a 7-feet drop, 220 pound force of pressure, and low temperature up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit! Travelers love carrying it around as it is also equipped with a compass, Wi-Fi, and GPS!

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