TRAI Announces 5G Technology in UAE

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority officially announces IMT-2020 technology which is otherwise known as 5G. Now the ultra-fast mobile services will be available even in UAE. As per the telecommunication regulator, the authorities have given permission to licensed operators to deploy 5G services. As per the instructions, the mobile operators will initiate the 5G networks in different phases in the first quarter of 2018.


According to TRA director general Hamad Al Mansoori, “We are proud to be among the first countries that apply the 5G technology of telecommunications, which is in line with our leadership directives and the UAE vision 2021, placing our country in its deserved position among the top countries of the world. In the last few years, the telecommunications sector has been the main driver of all the progress in all development sectors. However, rapid global developments and the transition of humanity to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have enhanced the status of this sector, making it the main nerve of major digital transformations, and the incubator of evolution on all tracks including science, economy, education or other vital fields."

The initiation of 5G technology in UAE ensures to achieve the global competitiveness objectives. The UAE is now among the first countries working towards IMT2020 development and thus experiencing ultra-broadband throughput. The 5G technology which promises to deliver download speeds up to 20Gbps, but such speeds are unobtainable in real-world scenarios.

The TRA development authorities will further facilitate the implementation of IMT2020 by identifying the harmonized frequency to match up the 5G range. It even renders its support in promoting globally harmonised ecosystems that can reduce the deployment costs. To cover wide areas, hot spots, indoor areas and small areas, different frequency bands are considered for the implementation of 5G technology.


These frequency bands are likely to be used for the 5G technology deployment before 2020: 1427-1518 MHz, 3300-3800 MHz and 24.25 – 27.5 GHz.

Al Mansoori further says that "We are optimistic that we will be able to achieve the objectives of the next phase, building on our accumulated achievements in the telecommunications sector and on our strategic plans that take into account current and future global developments, and based on the efforts of licensed operators who have always demonstrated their support for our leadership’s vision for the future and their will to contribute in making it for the benefit of our future generation."

Etisalat further stated that it was successful in launching the first 5G broadband experience in the Middle East. As of now, it is achieving the up-link speeds of 2Gbps and downlink speeds of 5Gbps. They will further start deploying its 5G services in all the major cities of UAE by 2020. On the other end, Du is even planning to deploy its own 5G services which is expected to reach by 2019.

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