Transfer Funds by Facebook Messenger with PayPal

Sending money has been made simpler by Skype and Facebook Messenger. You can transfer money by these two medium but this feature is available only in selected places.

People using Facebook Messenger could make payments using PayPal’s services but sending money to closed ones were not allowed. But now the company has introduced a new feature which will enable the user to transfer money to your friends and family.


PayPal declared that they have added Facebook as a funding source for P2P (peer to peer) transactions in the Messenger application. You will now find an option to send and request money by using the PayPal account in the Facebook Messenger application.

PayPal also mentioned that they will add a service bot for the first customer in the Facebook Messenger. This will help people to make the transactions straight away from the Messenger.

It will take some more time for the company to make it available for everyone. As of now, this option is available for the people in the US.

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