Top 5 Trending Technical Gadgets of 2017

Development in digitalization never fails to amaze us. It witnesses frequent revolutionary changes in the technical world. And with every step towards advancement, mankind reaches to a new height. Consistent augmentation enhances human lifestyle and sets new records for the next generation.  Talking about digitalization, we bring you the top five trending gadgets of 2K17, which will boggle your minds.

1- Apple iPhone 8

On its 10th anniversary the giant conglomerate, is geared up to launch their premium flagship smartphone iPhone 8 in the next quarter of the year. The glass bodied, bezel-less, iPhone8 will come with a 5.8 inch AMOLED curved edge to edge display. Based on rumors, the home button could be discarded and the TouchID sensor could be placed under the screen.
Apple iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging, however, it is not confirmed that it will come with the product or as a separate accessory. The device will run iOS 11 and also be equipped with an ‘iris scanner’ which will have a face detection feature. iPhone 8 is expected to start from 3673 AED.


2- Sony Bravia XBR- A1E Bravia 4k OLED TV
At CES 2017 Sony revealed its flagship TVof 2017 that is XBR- A1E BRAVIA 4K OLED TV. Previously TV makers preferred LCD panels, but now with the advancement OLED display, it has become their new favorites.
As per some sources LG display (separate from LG electronics and TV business) will be providing OLED screens to the Japanese multinational company; however, Sony denied to mention their dealer.


3- Razer Project Ariana

The arrival of Razer Project Ariana has baffled the gaming freaks around the world. A projector that boosts the display has an ultra wide 155-degree fisheye lens and a pair of 3D sensing cameras to further enhance the images and colored lights supported by Razer’s Chroma Lightning System, giving a breath-taking and enthralling experience. It is designed to work as a stand- alone high definition projector which will give a virtual reality feel. Razer Project Ariana is likely to be released in late 2017 and the price has not yet been revealed.


4- Tesla Model 3

The luxurious, Tesla model 3 is built on Tesla’s third-generation platform which is an inexpensive variant of its predecessors and was unveiled in March 2016. The production of Model 3 is likely to be from July 2017.

This magnificent sedan car is five seated can seat five people conveniently.

The company vouches to Tesla Model 3 to be one of the safest cars in the world with a ‘5-star safety rating’. The affluent car is equipped with the best technology from across the globe. Tesla Model 3 has the massive power acceleration of 0-60mph within 6 seconds.

The stylish Tesla Model 3 will probably release in late 2017. It will cost a whopping 128450 AED in Dubai, UAE.


5- Dell Canvas 27

The Dell’s Canvas 27 inch (2560 x 1440p) display that looks similar to Microsoft’s Surface Studio. It’s a horizontal touch display used mainly for drawing and designing. The screen is flat in front of the one using it, like a drafting table. It comprises 1 x stylus, 2 x totems ( Wacom Ems tech). Totems contain software that can be worked with the dial as the Surface Dial working with the canvas.  The RGB color gamut supports every detailed color of an individual’s choice. This device is very beneficial who are involved in photography, graphic designing, and video work. This breathtaking exclusive gadget will release in the next quarter of this year and the price is likely to begin from 7340 AED.


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