The Unboxing of OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is finally out of the box! From the past few weeks, we came across several rumors which eventually came out to be true.


Design & Display:

The brand new OnePlus phone comprises a minuscule bezel with an aluminum body and the device feels very comfortable to hold in one hand. The back of the OnePlus 5T sports a curved back with a matte finish. As of now, OnePlus is only offering a single color- ‘Midnight Black’.

The OnePlus 5T is a slender handset which is almost of the same size of its predecessor. The new OnePlus flaunts a huge display of 6.01-inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels.

The smartphone offers some color modes for the user to choose from- the sRGB standard which gives balanced colors another one is DCI-P3 which offers bright and vibrant colors. ‘Sunlight’ mode is an important feature which adjusts the screen’s brightness and contrast according to outdoor lighting conditions.



The camera of the OnePlus 5T has gone through a major change. The OnePlus 5 was the first handset from the Chinese manufacturer to feature a dual rear camera with features like the wide-angle lens and telephoto secondary lens.

Now the OnePlus 5T camera continues with the wide-angle main camera but the secondary snapper includes a higher resolution of 20MP. It has got the ability to bind 4 pixels into one to lower the noise in dim-light conditions. A wide f/1.7 aperture is common for both the cameras. The latest smartphone will easily identify dim-light environment and automatically switch to the secondary camera when there will be low-light.


Software & Hardware:

The OnePlus phone is available in two storage variants- 8GB RAM with an internal storage capacity of 128GB and the other one runs on 6GB RAM and offers an internal storage capacity of 64GB. The latest smartphone doesn’t support a micro SD card. OnePlus 5T performs swiftly on the Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is chipped by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

OnePlus phone

Face Unlock:

A new feature has been added in the OnePlus 5T is ‘Face Unlock’. Maybe this new feature has been inspired by the Face ID technology by Apple iPhone X. But the Face Unlock feature is not as accurate as the iPhone X. To use this feature you have to turn on the display and then you can use the Face Unlock on the OnePlus phone.

OnePlus phone

New Features:

The gallery has been revamped and you witness a unique style which will display the location of your images. You can even customize the icons with a built-in launcher and change the places of the most recent and the back navigation keys.

Dark mode, a reading mode has been added to the new smartphone which changes the screen to an e-reader. Blue light filter (night mode), gaming DND has been continued with the previous OnePlus handsets.

Price & Release date:

The OnePlus 5T price in Dubai UAE starts from AED 1871. The OnePlus 5T in Dubai UAE will be released shortly.

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