Upcoming Apple iPhones of 2018

Apple is all set to play a major role in mobile technology with the rumored releases of 2018.  Though iPhone X is unveiled a few days back, speculations have started around the world about the upcoming Apple iPhones.

In this article, we have covered iPhones that are yet to be released the next year. Apple certainly is trying to create a new benchmark for all its rivals.

Apple iPhone SE2


Few reports suggest that iPhone SE2 is on its way and may launch in 2018. With A9 chip in iPhone SE which is quite old, now users are looking for an updated A10. As before, iPhone SE2 may contain dual modems from Qualcomm and Intel. The device may support 4x4 MIMO technology and may work with 600 MHz carrier bands.

Present generation iPhones work on antennas and software. This upgradation ensures greater cellular performance with Gigabit LTE Speeds. It is further claimed that one of the upcoming iPhone models will surely support dual-SIM technology.

iPhone SE2 may hold the same 4-Inch  screen with an edge-to-edge display. The device is expected to be released in two storage variants 32GB and 128GB.

With the launch of iPhone SE in March 2016, we are expecting the same trend to be continued and iPhone SE 2 may be announced in March 2018.

Apple iPhone 11


The next in line after iPhone X may be iPhone 11, but it is not officially announced. The rumored name given to gadget seems to be iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.  Now the question is, will this model will be a successor of iPhone X? The rumors continue to roll around until we receive any confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

Apple is one such tech giant that does not prefer a drastic change in gadgets aesthetics.  iPhone 11 is expected to look similar to iPhone X. Metal body with glass back, edge-to-edge screen, camera placement may remain the same as before.

With the increase in demand for camera usage, Apple may prefer upgrade in camera features. The iPhone X sports two 12MP sensors instead of one 12MP and one 8MP sensor. Similarly, iPhone 11 may also feature the same two 12MP sensors setup, but we can expect some enhancement in the software used.

Apple iPhone X Plus


According to some sources, Apple is working on a 6.4-inches iPhone X Plus that may feature the same bezel-less design but with larger screen size. Though there is clarity in screen size, now the question is what are the new features which may be included.

However, it is quite interesting to know that Apple is planning to launch iPhone X Plus with the same iPhone X features but in a 6.4 inches screen size.

Apple iPhone 9


Apple launched iPhone X in November 2017 after iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The interesting point here is the missing series of Apple generation. Yes, iPhone 9 is missing officially.

Though it is skipped, for now, it doesn’t mean that Apple is going to miss over the series. We may see iPhone 9 with iPhone 8 Plus features. It is expected to be launched in September 2018. We do not have any official information about the iPhone 9 details, but it will definitely fill in the gap.

The report even says that Apple will feature OLED panels for all the upcoming models. The iPhone 9 may come in two screen sizes, 5.28-Inch, and 6.46 Inch OLED screens.

It’s quite unclear what Apple is planning off in future phones. But we can be sure that upcoming Apple iPhones will feature the latest technology. We will regularly update the details of what Apple has in store for 2018.

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