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A Laptop is such an electronic item that takes a list of preferences to consider before buying for any user. Every user has different needs and these can be categorised according to the use of the machine. For example, art students prefer laptops with a dedicated graphics card that high in its specification due to the use of heavy software and need of colour and line details. Professional people look for a laptop that has good connection options and bears a high-end multitasking ability.

As 2017 is approaching, many people already have their eyes on the upcoming laptops that are the most awaited ones and suit their needs the best. It could be due to an improved processor, better display, stylish look or any other single feature or a set of features that people are waiting for the release. To make things easier, we have gathered the most wanted laptops of 2017 in the form of a list. Here they are:

Microsoft’s Surface book 2

Talk about top of the line, portable all in one PC and tablet and you get Microsoft’s Surface book! Back in 2015, when Microsoft released its first surface book, it was called the ultimate laptop. However, it did receive some complaints about the design and little details. Not many people were satisfied with the gap it creates when lid would be closed laptop was shut down. However, Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is set to be released in the year 2017 with improvements and high-end specs. Tech geeks are expecting for this one to have a better screen and display along with an improvement in the hardware of the machine. Apart from that, users are looking forward to a bigger power capacity. This means that if the laptop would have a higher performance, it should have an even bigger battery to let the system run smoothly without having to charge the battery again and again. It becomes a big turn off when the battery keeps asking to be charged with the use of heavy software and applications.


Apple MacBook Air (2017)

As always, Apple tops the list with its exquisite signature design and incredible specification. As suggested by PC specialists, MacBook Air remains to be the most wanted laptop in the year 2017 as well. The features that make it stand out include its super thin outlook along with an incredible battery life that lets you work with no distractions and without having to be charged it again and again. To be specific, this notebook has the power to run for 17 hours straight! There are two display options, that is, 11” and 13”. You can choose the size that suits your needs, however, specs of both the options remain the same. Moreover, the storage capacity is enough to let you keep your data in the system without causing any hindrance in the performance. 8GB RAM lets you enjoy smooth performance whether you are playing, working or using some heavy software.



ASUS UltraBook UX305UA-FC013

A compact, stylish and lightweight laptop with metal body combined with a few plastic segments is what this laptop is about in terms of design. The sleek and stylish look of the laptop demonstrated the fact that the inspiration has been taken from MacBook Air. It already has a few competitors including the Dell XPS 13. It now has to prove its worth through the specs. The screen size of the laptop is 13.3” and it offers FHD Anti-glare display with 1920x1080 resolution. While the display of the laptop is good enough for gaming and professional use, the processor doesn’t lack behind. Intel Core i5 processor with a Turbo boost of 2.8 GHz gives the user a sound and smooth experience of multitasking as well as dedicated use. 8GB DDR3 RAM further compliments this combination and makes this a complete package. Hard drive remains to be 256 GB while the graphic processor is Intel HD Graphics 520.




Dell XPS has much more to offer than its previous versions. If you truly want to own a high-end laptop that is tiny enough to let you carry it around with ease then this laptop falls under the category. Known to provide a borderless display, this laptop offers a 13” WLED touchscreen display with 1920x100 resolution. The most appealing factor of this laptop remains to the fact that it's offering not just a great display but the best performance, good battery life and a solid design as well! A smooth rubber type coating gives an extra class to the laptop and makes it an ideal laptop to be carried to professional meetings. It is supported by Intel Core i7- 5500U 5th Generation Processor so one can expect an absolutely smooth performance whether they are multitasking to using it for gaming. Moreover, 8GB RAM is good enough to let the PC give a high-end performance. Hard drive capacity is 256GB.



Lenovo ThinkPad T450s

It has been termed as one of the best commercial laptops out there. If you are looking for a fast and reliable system with high-end specs, then this is the machine you want to look out for. The combination of touchscreen and a swappable battery gives it a unique touch. No further information is available on the specs, but according to tech geeks, this one is a must to look out for in 2017!


Apple MacBook Pro 2017

With touch id and Magic toolbar, Apple has released two new MacBook Pro recently. Offering Retina display as always, the Macbook pro is expected to be more powerful with an even faster performance.  With 2880x1800 resolution on the 13” and 15” display and 500nit brightness, you can enjoy a unique experience of browsing through photos, video editing, gaming and video conference sessions. The processor is Intel Core i5 with a turbo boost 3.3 GHz. Moreover, 8GB RAM supports the system to let it run faster. With apple machines, the best thing is that you can rely on it and expect excellent performance that proves the worth of every model they release.




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