Upcoming Top 10 Mobile Phones in 2017 in UAE

As the year 2016 is ending and the year 2017 is approaching, people around the world are celebrating the coming of the new year with prayers and determined resolution while the gadget geeks and smartphone lovers are eagerly awaiting the release of the most exciting Mobile phones with fresh outlook, upgraded features and much more to look forward to. With a high competition in the category, every company planning to release new models of smartphones aims to wow the users with its uniqueness. It could be a single feature that makes a phone stand out and attract many users towards it. The basis is an idea, An idea that ignites the spark and gives birth to a new way style.

To all the Mobile phone lovers out there, your wait is over. PriceDeals.com has compiled and brought together the 10 top Mobile phones to look forward to in the year 2017. Here they are:


  1. iPhone 8 in Dubai UAE

As always, iPhone tops the list with its much awaited iPhone 8 model which is scheduled to be released in the UK in the month of September. Apple usually releases its iPhone models during this time of the year. As the iPhone 7 had only a minor upgraded version as compared to its predecessor, iPhone 8 is set to release with a boom due to the 10th anniversary of an iPhone. With an edge to edge OLED screen, iPhone 8 is expected to set goals in terms of Physical features. Find out the latest best price of iPhone 8 in Dubai UAE just after its launch in 2017.



  1. HTC 11 in Dubai UAE

HTC 11 is expected to blow away its users with its upgraded and high-end specs such as a faster processor, an upgraded RAM, and a better battery life. To be specific, a snapdragon 835 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and a high capacity battery are expected to be released with the HTC 11. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to enjoy the fast and smooth performance with no resistance expected from it. HTC 11 price in Dubai and launch will be expected in July 2017.



  1. Microsoft Surface Mobile in Dubai UAE

Although there has been no news about its release date yet, the information on Microsoft Surface Mobile has already been leaked suggesting that the phone will bear 4GB RAM, 64GB – 128 GB internal storage, intel Atom 64-bit processor, 21 MP rear camera and AMOLED display. Rest of the details of the phone are expected to unveiled at an event in early 2017 to be held by Microsoft.



  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 in Dubai UAE

One of the best-selling smartphone series of all the time, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next in line and expected to release in mid of 2017. It is expected to be different in many ways from its predecessor. It is officially confirmed that the phone will feature a Snapdragon 835, rumors making it the first smartphone to have this processing unit. Beside bigger and improved specifications, the phone is expected to have major design changes which have the users waiting for it. The screen to body ratio is expected to be 90 percent this time with a bezel-less display. On whole, this device is being anticipated by many around the globe! The Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Dubai is slightly different with the price of its previous version S6.



  1. LG GS in Dubai UAE

According to rumors, the LG GS will be a bigger model than its previous versions. However, what has left the users excited is the information about its eye sensing technology, waterproofing, and health tracking sensors. Moreover, if true, the phone will also work seamlessly with the company’s virtual devices, including smart watches. Octacore Processor and 5GB of RAM are its expected specs.



  1. Nokia D1C in Dubai UAE

The story has been surfacing with a lot of exciting information on the Nokia smartphone. So far, the news concludes that Nokia is all set to make a comeback and release its smartphone with Android OS. There are expected to be two different models that are D1C and P1. P1 is expected to have two different sizes, both offering HD display. Moreover, some rumors claim that the body will be all metal. An upgraded and high-quality camera is also expected out of it. However, since the news has still not been confirmed, there is not much to reveal about this phone yet. Find out the best Nokia D1C price in Dubai UAE.



  1. One Plus 4 in Dubai UAE

After the success of One Plus 4, the company is all set to release One Plus 4 with even better and improved specs offering smooth and fast processing in the coming year. What makes this phone worth anticipating for is its 21MP camera and 8GB of RAM! You can only imagine how powerful and efficient its working will be.



  1. Xiaomi Mi7 in Dubai UAE

With high expectation, the Xiaomi is expected to be released with a boom in the year 2017. According to the experts, the catch will be in its high-quality camera that is 25MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. Yes, you heard it right. 25 MP rear camera is expected to set new records for a phone camera!



  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Dubai UAE

One of the flagship products of Samsung, the galaxy note 8 (the phablet series) is one of the most awaited phones of the year 2017. Samsung faced hard luck with the launch of Galaxy Note 7 last year which had a manufacturing defect and caused the phone to heat up and even burn. Samsung had to call back all the units sold and stop the production of the Note 7 series completely. Since its one of the hit series by Samsung, the newer model is expected to be better and bigger in specifications. However, because of the previously failed model, Samsung is definitely putting in more efforts to make this model a hit in markets!



  1. Sony Xperia Z6 in Dubai UAE

One of the top smartphone manufacturers, Sony will be releasing its Flagship product, The Xperia Z6 in the year 2017. Like its predecessors, the phone is expected to be waterproof to a greater extent. With better features and improved processing components, the Xperia Z6 is expected to feature one of the best phone cameras, that is 20MP combined with a brilliant display! Moreover, the body will be all metal and will be protected by gorilla glass 5 at the back as well.


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