Vivo Apex Smartphone Concept Can Compete Apple iPhone X

Vivo is back again at Mobile World Congress with the new Apex concept smartphone. At CES 2018, it has introduced the first in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone which is now in production. Now, the concept of Vivo Apex handset is ought to be including the features that are even better than iPhone X.


The concept renders the fact of reduced bezels completely thus giving us a Full View smartphone look. With just 1.8mm bezels, the handset has up to 98% of the body to screen to body ratio. The company claims that the Apex is the world’s first smartphone offering largest screen-to-bezel ratio. It carried the trend further and included the in-display fingerprint sensor which no other smartphone has achieved to date. Just place the fingerprint on the display to unlock the screen or make any payment right away.

There is an 8MP front camera that is hidden into the display. It is a pop-up camera that floats out only when required. According to Vivo, the camera slides up in just 0.8 seconds while taking selfies. Unlike iPhone X with sensors on the screen, Vivo managed to place the ambient light and proximity sensors under the display. Thus giving room for the FullView display. Moreover, the Vivo Apex smartphone doesn’t have a traditional speaker, instead, the display is integrated with Screen sound casting technology through which the entire screen serves as a loudspeaker.


Furthermore, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers confirm the fact that it is still a concept and may not be released at any time nearer. However, this technology will definitely be implemented in the future. Irrespective of the arrival time, the Vivo’s concept of Apex FullView is impressive and forces other manufacturers to follow. The Vivo Apex FullView smartphone will be a playful, tantalizing smartphone that sets a new trend to the futuristic smartphones. Recently, the company also launched the new smartphone with iPhone X like notch- Vivo V9.

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