A Well Spent Day With The iPhone X

Celebration and exhilaration are in the air. iPhone X is almost there, and few lucky people have already got a chance to spent some quality time with the stunning iPhone X.

Since the day it was unveiled in September, it became “the talk of the town”. The CEO of Apple Time Cook announced the iPhone X as the ‘future of the smartphones’. Is it really so? Well, time will answer this question.

Till then let us give you a detailed introspection of the newest iPhone X. Rather let we will be discussing how was it to spend time with the latest Apple phone.



The iPhone X is bordered with shiny stainless steel edge with rounded corners. The handset comfortably fits in your palm. You will find that the device has a glass back this is for the wireless charging. The device sports a dual rear camera and the camera bump is sharp and angular.


Face ID is Just Perfect:


Instead of the fingerprint sensor, Apple implemented the Face ID technology. The front camera of the iPhone X comprises of the TrueDepth Camera which maps the human face accurately to unlock the device.

When you are setting your face for the Face ID then you have to look into the camera and spin your head from left to right and then it’s done.

Even in a low or dark area also the Face ID worked perfectly fine, thanks to the infrared light which maps your face correctly.


The only issue which one would face is that each time you get a notification you have to lift the phone up and look into the camera to detect your face and will then unlock and then you can check the message.

And in case the Face ID doesn’t work then after a couple of attempts the handset will ask you to enter a passcode which will unlock the smartphone.


Animoji- A Brand New Concept

Image result for iphone x animoji gif

Animoji is a new feature by Apple. The emoji is an animated one which copies your facial expression. The TrueDepth camera maps your expression which turns the emoji into ‘Animoji’. It copies the exact expression of your face.


iPhone X camera:


The cameras capture real and natural colors of the subject. And since the device sports an OLED screen the captured images look a more polished one. Both the cameras have the feature of OIS and comprise the telephoto lens with wide aperture. This feature enables to click spectacular pictures in dim-light surroundings. And when you are in a darker condition then go for the digital zoom over optical.


The selfie camera holds a 7MP lens which clicks beautiful high-quality pictures. Even in front camera, you will get the option of blurring the background and just focusing on the subject.

Undoubtedly iPhone X is the best from the house of Apple. It is powered by the latest and mighty A11 Bionic chip with a perfect Face ID technology and also has the option of wireless charging. As the iPhone X has fused all the modern things in a brilliant way that is why the handset is priced at an upper range.

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