WhatsApp Android Update adds Group Description Features And More

The popular instant messaging app started rolling out a new feature that changes the way you interact with a group. It let you add the group description thus allowing all the group members to know about the group. Along with this, there is another feature that allows searching a group participant in the particular group. Recently, these features were added to the beta version of an app. Now, it is rolling out to the stable Android version. Another interesting feature lets the user switch between voice and video calls simultaneously without disconnecting the ongoing call.


New WhatsApp Group Features

One of the new WhatsApp group features is Group Description. As the name suggests, this feature allows adding a description which can be of 512 characters long. This can be found below the group profile image and name. One can even see the group description while inviting someone through the group invite link. To add the group description, just go to “Group Info” section and you will be able to see the “Descriptions” option. Click on it and enter a description, then click OK. Just like the group name, any one of the group members can edit the Group Description. Once modified, everyone in the group gets a notification.


Another feature added to the WhatsApp group is, search participant. This feature allows searching for particular group member directly from group info screen. Until now, WhatsApp had a hurdle of searching for the member by scrolling down all the list of participants. The new feature solves the problem with a search bar on the main screen. This feature was already rolled out to iOS users earlier this month.

Switch Between Voice and Video calls

As seen before, WhatsApp was testing this feature since a long time. Now, with this update, it is rolling over this most awaited feature to the normal users. With the new feature, the WhatsApp call can be switched between voice and video calls with a single button. Now, users need not disconnect the voice call to make a video call. However, it should be noted that this feature only works if the other person also has updated version of WhatsApp Android app.


Recently, WhatsApp added a UPI based cashless payment that allows the user to send/receive payment from the WhatsApp users. It has even increased the time limit for the Delete For Everyone feature to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

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