WhatsApp Just Introduced A Brand New Feature!

Millions of people across the world rely on WhatsApp Messenger when it comes to instant messaging. And time to time the company keeps on implementing new features to make our lives easier. The changes are made as per the requirements and demands of the user so that they can conveniently use WhatsApp.


Recently WhatsApp has introduced a brand new feature which will make sharing of files a lot easier. The company has started a new feature in the instant messaging application that will allow the users to share any types of files and documents.


Earlier WhatsApp had a limitation to the file formats which can be sent. But now, the users can share files and documents up to 100 MB.


This will make our lives easier because now you can share any kind of file. You don't have to open any cloud storage or open your laptop to share files and documents.


Another fascinating feature which WhatsApp has added is, organizes the sent photos in a gallery. If the user is sending more than five photos at once, then the chat window will show only three photos and mention the total number of photos sent. This is to make the chat look more systematic.


So update your WhatsApp account in your Android and iOS devices to enjoy the latest features.

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