WhatsApp May Soon Get Night Mode Feature

If you have installed WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, then you must have noticed that every now and then you need to update your WhatsApp messenger. And with each update, you get an additional feature which enhances the overall experience of using the app.

Recently a special feature is being planned to enter into WhatsApp named as the ‘Night Mode'. Many users requested for this option ‘Night Mode' to be included in WhatsApp. It doesn't simply turn the background black, in fact, it does much more than that.

The 'Night Mode' feature works with the camera lens UI to upgrade the quality of the images clicked in low light surroundings. The video calling feature could also get this brand new feature 'Night Mode'.

As per some sources, 'Night Mode' could first come into iPhones and then may come in Android handsets. 'Night Mode' will not let you strain your eyes on your mobile screen in the dark.



However, much info could not be gathered about it. Also, it is said that the 'Night Mode' could first feature in the Beta versions of the Android App.

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