WhatsApp: How to Read the Deleted Messages

Are you a daydreamer and accidentally delete messages you send?  Do you want to revoke those messages that are deleted? Then one quick move can help get it back successfully. WhatsApp made it possible through the stupendous application of “Notification History”. However, please note that this application works only for recently deleted messages.


As we know that WhatsApp recently launched a new feature “Delete for everyone” that allows a user to delete messages that are sent within a window of seven minutes. When we delete a message on WhatsApp, it gets disappeared on screen immediately.

But the fact is though the messages are not visible, they are still available on the device. The app allows to access Android notification history through which the deleted messages can be retrieved.

As per Spanish Android blog, a smartphone running on a higher version of Android can use this application. Update WhatsApp to the latest version and download the Notification History app from Google Play Store. As usual, the app requires access to all notifications. Don’t forget to enable advanced history option in order to avail the features of the app.

Few points to be noted:

  • Only text messages can be retrieved
  • Deleted videos, images and media files cannot be retrieved.
  • The app works only if a user receives a notification of message received/sent.
  • Users can view only the first 100 characters of the message.
  • The app stores information only for few hours.
  • We cannot retrieve deleted messages if we reboot the gadget.
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