WhatsApp Welcomes New feature With the New Update

WhatsApp is striving hard to introduce best features to the application. Recently, the popular messaging app is planning for a new update which brings in an awesome feature. The beta version is allowing us to access the feature before it is actually made official in the Google play store.

With the new update, WhatsApp is trying to bring in new feature that can directly convert the voice call to video call. Previously, if you want to have a video call with the same person then we need to disconnect the present audio call and make a fresh video call. This feature allows you to change the mode without disconnecting the call.


Moreover, this practical application does not consume much data rate. With the Wi-Fi coverage, we can easily shift our call to video call without having to disconnect the present call.

The change process is quite simple. In the WhatsApp voice call interface, there is an icon that when activated sends a notification to the other user. If the user accepts the request, video call commences without any issue.


However, the feature is currently available in beta version and may be available in the official version very soon. It still requires few testing phases to check the proper functionality at both requester and receiver end.

Through the recent updates, we understand that WhatsApp is quite clear about its intentions and is efficient enough to bring in new updates. So, WhatsApp users will soon get the chance to make use of this awesome feature. For time being, everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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