Will You be able to Purchase the iPhone X on the First Day?

On October 27, Friday many enthusiasts tried to pre-order the iPhone X. While some successfully did it, there were also some people who couldn’t. So for all those who couldn’t pre-book it, you have to then go to the Apple Store on November 3 to get the smartphone. And make sure you line up as early as possible.


The iPhone X just vanished within 30 minutes as the pre-orders started.

But there is still a ray of hope for the people in UAE. The Apple’s UAE website still has the iPhone X available. The device come in two storage variants that are 64GB and 256GB. But let us tell you, will take five to six weeks to reach to your doorstep.

At the Etisalat’s website, you will find that the 64GB variant of iPhone X is left. And DU is left with the 256GB model of Apple smartphone. Jacky Electronics still has the iPhone X of 256GB and the iPhone X in Jumbo’s website have dried out.

Apple has been motivating people with the following message to reach the store early to get their iPhone X. They didn’t openly admit that the iPhone X is less in stock.

"Stores will have iPhone X available for walk-in customers, who are encouraged to arrive early," it said on Tuesday, which clearly indicates that there will be definitely a long queue near the Apple shops.

According to a report, though many people reach the stores on the first day they may have to return home without the handset. Such is the scarcity of the iPhone X which are making its fans crazy.


It is expected that by February 2018, the Cupertino Company will have enough number of handsets to meet the demand globally.

So what happens after a week that is November 3, Friday will be really interesting to see.

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