Will the iPhone X be Able to Meet the Huge Demand?

For those who had pre-ordered the iPhone X must be expecting the expensive luxurious device to get it in your hands. The iPhone lovers are super-excited. The iPhone X will be shipped from October 27 for all those who have pre-ordered the handset. And from November 3 the flagship smartphone will be available in stores.


Now the main problem which Apple is facing is that they have mere 2-3 million sets ready and the demand is a lot more than that.

In 2014 when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were made available online for pre-orders, then by the end of the day Apple had sold 4 million units in 24 hours only.

And in one week, the giant company sold a whopping 10 million handsets.

So considering that case, it is expected that people who are planning to purchase the iPhone X could face a major disappointment. It is predicted from the time the pre-orders will go live Apple will face acute shortage to meet the staggering demand.


According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will speed up its production as November starts. So by the end of November Apple will be able to stock up a sufficient number of handsets.

The security expert Chi Kuo predicted that by the fourth financial quarter Apple will sell 25-30 million units. As 2018 will begin Apple will get at least 50% of more demand for the iPhone X.

But as of now how will Apple meet the enormous demand is a big question for the Cupertino Multinational Company.

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