Here is the World’s First 5G Smartphone

The fifth generation network 5G will become a worldwide standard by the end of 2020. The popular Qualcomm chipmakers have declared a prototype handset which will feature the company’s 5G mmWave technology.


The device is under testing and will take some more time to reach the markets. The Marketing Head for LTE and 5G Modems at Qualcomm, Sherif Hanna posted the picture of the 5G handset on a micro-blogging site. He said that the smartphone will also support 2G, 3G and 4G networks.


The handset will feature a dual rear camera and a dual flash, and much more is not known about the about the upcoming smartphone. It has been reported that Qualcomm is working with Softbank, its core company and also taking the help of Verizon and Sprint in their upcoming project. If everything goes as per the plan then the 5G handsets will be hit the shelves by 2019.

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