World’s First Robocop Joins Police in Dubai

The invention of Robocop is a major breakthrough in the field of technology for the Department of Police in Dubai. The Robocop was unveiled at the three-day Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference. The machine was seen welcoming the guests and patrolling the place. In a few days’ time, we will also see the Robocop patrolling the streets of Dubai.

The Robocop is 5-feet in height and weighs 100kgs. Just from at a distance of 1.5 meters, the robot can identify hands gestures, facial expressions, and emotions. The world’s first operational robot policeman can also change his expression and put people at ease. He can also communicate in six languages which include Arabic and English, so one can easily talk to him.


This is not it. He has also got a touchscreen interface on his chest, which can be used to report crimes, pay for traffic violations and submit paperwork. He can also properly shake hand and offer a military salute. Another important feature found in the Robocop is a facial recognition software which can easily recognize lawbreakers. And with this feature, the Robocop can directly air live videos to the Police Command Room.

While the Robocop will be patrolling the streets, he will be using the internet for various things such as artificial intelligence and will be working on the latest smart technologies. A part of the Robocop’s integrated system is also connected to the social platform such as Twitter, artificial intelligence system, mobile applications and many websites. He can also navigate his path by self-control. The smart police mechanism will greatly help the policemen and the residents of Dubai to curb crime and law offenders.




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