Xiaomi Mi 6 Undergoes Durability Test. Result Is Impressive!

Xiaomi recently released its highly anticipated flagship Mi 6 and the response has been huge. The handset went stock out within seconds when Xiaomi made it available for the first flash sale in China. The Chinese conglomerate has a track of bringing out incredible low-cost devices packed with high-end features. Xiaomi Mi 6 too maintains similar standards. In fact, the flagship phone is equipped with specifications, which can give competition to the recently launched premium smartphones in the market including Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, OnePlus 5 and others. Though the handset definitely bets to deliver exquisite internal feature service, what about its exterior? How durable will Xiaomi Mi 6 be? To answer these queries along with plenty of other apprehensions, YouTube channelĀ  JerryRigEverything has brought out an amazing video, where the YouTuber is seen trying out extreme durability test on the handset including scratching, burning and bend testing.


In the 6 minutes long video, the YouTuber begins with the scratch test, where he is seen scrapping the screen of Xiaomi Mi 6 with a sharp tool. The result is pretty impressive as out of the Number 1 to 10 scale, it is found to be on Number 6, which makes it better scratch resistant than many other top smartphones in the market. Next, the YouTuber tries to nick the fingerprint sensor, which is under the front mounted home button, of the device with a razor blade. The output looks unbelievable as it is absolutely scratch proof to most objects. The front facing camera is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, which makes it immune to any scratches. Similarly, the dual rear camera with two-tone flash is covered under the same glass, which makes the device unsusceptible to any form of damage. The video also renders that the YouTuber is able to scratch the surface of the curved metallic frame but unable to carve out any piece of it. The phone has an IR blaster at the top, which can transform the device into a remote control.

In the fire test, Mi 6 has a 5.1 inch IPS LCD display and is resistant to flames for a much longer time because of its thick glass.

For the bend test, the device gets a small flex when applied force but is strong enough to stand the pressure. It is functional and returns to its original shape despite all the pressure. Xiaomi Mi 6 is an absolutely great deal in terms of built quality and upgrades features. It has undergone massive improvements from its predecessors and is one of the inexpensive flagship phones as compared to the other high-end smartphones in the market. You can check our blog 'Here Are 5 Most Exciting Features Of Xiaomi Mi 6' to know about the device even better.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Launch Date In Dubai UAE, Price In Dubai UAE

The handset is expected to launch by the end of this quarter. Xiaomi Mi 6 price in Dubai UAE is 1332 AED for the basic 6GB/ 64GB internal while its other variant will cost around 1544 AED. The premium ceramic model will be priced at 1597 AED.

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